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Professional paper

Application of spectrophotometry in the teaching of biology and other subjects of the natural sciences

Nikolina Sabo orcid id ; Department of Biology, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, Osijek, Croatia

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The rapid changes in a society characterized by constantly new scientific knowledge require a constant change of paradigm for the teaching and learning of biology, as well as other teaching subjects. Therefore, active learning is inevitable, which requires the application of research skills, collaborative learning and creative expression. Numerous instrumental methods are used in scientific research in the field of natural sciences, of which spectrophotometry is one of the fundamental analytical techniques for qualitative and quantitative analysis. In addition to its application for scientific research purposes, spectrophotometry is gradually being applied in schools and is an increasingly common research topic in science education. The aim is to find a simple, portable, and inexpensive spectrophotometer for laboratory activities in schools or to find ideal components for homemade instruments to make spectrophotometric methods accessible to students in schools with limited resources. There are numerous examples of good practice that demonstrate how a spectrophotometer can be used in the classroom as it has potential for conceptual understanding. Teaching based on innovative methods and new technologies increases students' interest in science and motivates them to engage in independent activities that enable better acquisition and understanding of the subject matter and application of the acquired knowledge and problem-solving skills, which is an important step in preparing young people for responsible life in modern society.


inquiry based learning, scientific approach, active learning

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