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Original scientific paper

The Language of Kozarac’s Comedies

Sanda Ham orcid id ; Faculty of humanities and social sciences, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

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The first comedy by Josip Kozarac was Tartufov unuk (Tartuffe’s Grandson) published in Slavjanski almanah (Slavic Almanac) in 1879 and
the second time in Sabrana djela Josipa Kozarca (The Collected Works of Josip Kozarac) half a century later. In addition to the second publication
of Tartuffe’s Grandson, the Collected Works also included the comedies Tuna Bunjavilo and Turci u Karlovcu (The Turks in Karlovac) that were
published for the first time. All three comedies have been written about so far, but they were only considered as dramatic and/or literary works,
and no attention has been paid to their language. The language of these comedies could be particularly interesting to literary history, because the
language of the first edition differs significantly from the language in the repeated edition. A more thorough linguistic analysis of the comedy Turks
in Karlovac even casts the shadow of doubt about Kozarac’s authorship of that work. The paper describes the language of the aforementioned Kozarac’s
comedies, they are compared to each other, but they are also compared to Kozarac’s prose works.


comedies by Josip Kozarac, Croatian language in the 19th century, Croatian language in the 1930s, linguistic adaptations.

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