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Where to perform the dissolved gas analysis? - Part III

Marius Grisaru

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In the last two columns, we have summarized the advantages of performing DGA and insulating oil tests in a local lab attached to the same organization as the transformer owner and outsourcing insulating oil tests as well as many other testing services in the
energy segment. Some of the advantages of an internal oil lab are preserving the data, avoiding cyber-attacks and critical data leakage to hostile organizations, and the benefits of preserving knowledge and experience. In favour of outsourcing, laboratories
have a huge difference in prices, and increased test accuracy has the advantage of much larger experience accumulated
in specialized outsourced laboratories. In our time, most transformers are tested in external laboratories. Although online devices may also be seen considered an external outsourced lab, even if they are physically located in the vicinity of the transformer, this column will not cover them. This column will try to illuminatethe most important issues to be considered in selecting the most suitable outsourcing laboratory for the client’s needs and, from the aspect of laboratories, how to attract more clients. Having the chance to be on the other side of the fence, I know the main concerns of transformer users, laboratory managers and financial staff for these oil tests. The column will describe the main points for each discipline.


DGA, diagnostics, outsourcing, selection, transformers oil

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