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Original scientific paper

The rise of virtual food tourism experiences: integrating diffusion of innovation theory and self-determination theory

Roozbeh Babolian Hendijani ; Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Bina Nusantara University, Management Department
Kathrin Jaszus ; Dr., Assistant Professor, Trier University of Applied Sciences Business School

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Purpose – The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the food tourism industry,
leading to business closures and a drop in demand. In response to this challenge, virtual food
tourism experiences such as VR have emerged as an alternative to traditional in-person
experiences. Aim of this paper is to model consumer adoption of virtual food tourism by
integrating the Diffusion of Innovation Theory and the Self-determination Theory.
Methodology/Design/Approach – The Diffusion of Innovation Theory explains the process of
innovation adoption, while the Self-determination Theory focuses on consumer motivation.
This article proposes that intrinsic (autonomy, relatedness, and competence) and extrinsic
(relative advantage, complexity, compatibility, trialability, and observability) motivating
factors influence virtual food tourism adoption.
Findings – The study suggests that extrinsic motivators can act as mediators between intrinsic
motivation and adoption intention. Integrating these two theories provides a comprehensive
understanding of the motivations and mechanisms driving virtual food tourism adoption.
It also paves the way for the exploration of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and specific
mechanisms underlying adoption behaviours.
Originality of the research – Destinations, businesses, and policy makers can better navigate
the changing landscape of food tourism and leverage the potential of virtual food tourism to
create engaging, accessible, and culturally enriching experiences.


Virtual Reality; Post COVID-19; Online Food Experience; Self-determination Theory; Diffusion of Innovation Theory

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