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SKEI-international interdisciplinary journal is a scientific journal published by the University"VITEZ", Vitez in collaboration with College of Applied Sciences "Lavoslav Ružička" in Vukovar, Croatia; MBS, Modern Business School, Belgrade, Serbia; University of Novo mesto, Faculty of Economics and Informatics, Novo mesto, Slovenia. The journal publishes scientific and professional papers covering a wide range of areas: social sciences-economics, business economics, and entrepreneurship, law, sociology, psychology; interdisciplinary natural sciences-biomedicine and health; information and communication sciences; technical sciences. Papers and articles published in the SKEI journal are referenced in the EBSCO database, CEEOl database and EconBiz. The journal is published twice a year. Papers for number 1 are accepted until April 30, and papers for number 2 are accepted until September 30.

  • Peer review: peer review, equally national and international peer review, scientific and professional papers, double blind review, double
  • First year of publication: 2020.
  • Frequency (annually): 2
  • Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: Information and Communication Sciences, Economics, Law, Psychology, Sociology
  • Date added to HRČAK: 04.01.2021.
  • Rights: The full text of SKEI papers may be used free of charge for personal or educational purposes while respecting the copyrights of the authors and publishers.