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Maksimir Park Planned by Vrhovac and Haulik

Andrej Žmegač

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A. Žmegač, "Vrhovčev i Haulikov Maksimir", Prostor, vol.10, br. 2(24), str. 169-176, 2002. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 18.09.2019.]

This paper presents the concept of the park designed by Vrhovac (1787) and based on data found in the Haulik´s album Park Jurjaves (1853). According to this source material, the park had French Baroque features in plan with a noticeable romantic component evident in the placement of a star-shaped composition on raised and irregularly shaped ground with a centrally placed building. It is considered that a trace of the Vrhovac´s radial composition might have been found in the Haulik´s period as well (maps from 1846 and 1853), particularly in the fan-shaped layout north of the Vidikovac building. The only known and to some extent preserved elements of the Vrhovac´s park are the center of the star-shaped composition, the access alley and the entrance. They are analyzed with regard to subsequent transformation, that is, the roles they were assigned in the Haulik´s concept of the park.

Ključne riječi
French Baroque park; Maksimir; landscape park; Zagreb

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