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Fieldwork in geography has always advocated an important role in the learning process, because it represents the only way that the factors and processes in the landscape become easier to understand and imaginable to the pupils. Fieldwork in geography includes a variety of form and methods of work, among them are the most important the landscape orientation, data collection, observation of physical and social characteristics, mapping, determining different physical and social parameters and other methods, ultimately constructive analysis and synthesis of certain processes.
In doing so, we must not forget that this kind of fieldwork is associated with interdisciplinary work, so called the cross-curricular integration. So this paper presents an example of fieldwork in conjunction with cross-curricular integration and highlights its importance in the future as well as a challenge of this type of implementation classes.
The field work was performed in the surroundings of Elementary School Stopiče, in which 38 pupils were involved in from 8th to 9th grade. Elementary school is based in a countryside, so it was not difficult to organize the path, on which the pupils should go and
do the land- observing. The length of the path was slightly less than 1 kilometer in one direction and offered a great look on the different terrain (waterland, fields, settlement).
The evaluation results showed the satisfaction of pupils, but particularly surprising was the fact that for the most of the pupils the fieldwork was represented as a challenge and not as an opportunity to gain knowledge. But according to the population’s skills we can say that it reached to what we were expecting. Like wise, some of the knowledge results after the fieldwork were surprising. All tasks were done but correctly below the 50 %. The worst task was done, in which the pupils had to understand and give a concrete solution. But if we take to our knowledge the fact that among the pupils were those who have problems with learing then we can say that tasks were done pretty well.

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fieldwork, geography, cross-curricular integration, geographic methods

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