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Valentina Šapina ; Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova Republike Hrvatske

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For the purpose of showing the seriousness and presence of violence within social boundaries and family surroundings, an analysis has been done of offences within the families related to time period between 2003-2013 on the basis of the Republic of Croatia. The research emphasizes the importance of police officials because in high percentage of cases they arrive first to the scene of domestic violence, and the way they handle this kind of situations, their estimations, attitudes towards the victim and its protection, are crucial elements for the victims’ safety and determining the volume of perpetrators acts. The primary goal of this research was to determine the attitude of police officials about myths of domestic violence, and if they consider domestic violence private or public matter as well as the degree of their education and interest in offences of this kind, or handling domestic violence cases in general. The research was conducted among police officials working in Zagreb Police Directorate, where specific questionnaire was applied. Based on the result analysis we arrived at the conclusion that even though we solve and struggle against violent situations there is a high percentage of tolerance in these cases. Motivation and degree of education of officials are not at the required level that affects final results of efficiency among police officials and also the quality of protection given to the victim who needs it in domestic violence cases.

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myths about domestic violence, statistic data analysis, public/private matter, efficiency, education, police officials

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