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Possibilities of the museum as a classroom in teaching biology

Jelena Barbarić - Gaćina orcid id ; Prirodoslovno-grafička škola Zadar, Zadar, Hrvatska

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Museum learning requires good organization and preparation in order to include all the students in the process of learning and accepting the main outcomes of the lesson. These papers contain the research of three different methods of museum learning. The first one included the visit of the museum where the group was led by the museum custos (led approach). The second one was independent visit of the museum escorted by the teacher, and prepared worksheets were included (independent approach). The third approach appeared because of pandemic situation and impossibility to visit museums physically, included virtual visit of the museum together with solving worksheets (virtual approach). The results of learning and the satisfaction of the students were analyzed in all three methods. The results of led approach and individual approach show differences and possibility of using worksheets when visiting a museum as a part of active learning. Comparing the knowledge of students who visited virtual exhibition with those who did not, it is concluded that virtual approach can be used for better understanding of connections between causes and consequences. Regarding the satisfaction of the students, it is noticed that the students are more satisfied with the lesson in the museum than in the classroom, but it does not apply on the students who “visited” virtual museum.

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led, independent, virtual approach, natural history museum, virtual museum, out of classroom education

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