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Diplomatic Analysis in Contemporary International Relations

Mladen Nakić ; Visoka škola međunarodnih odnosa i diplomacije u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

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The process of analyzing is the stage of thinking to better create our attitudes and beliefs. To make our postures more credible for understanding we try to argue with hard evidence. The same process takes place in diplomatic analysis, but at a higher level, and with more serious consequences. It analyzes the events and processes that serve decision-makers in foreign policy. These decisions directly affect the daily tasks performed by the state at the international level. Therefore, the analysis must be measurable. The analysis of international relations means rethinking relationships because of foreign policy interests of the state. Well-established analytical service and the production of quality analytical product are one of the guarantees for the successful conduct of foreign policy.

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diplomatic analysis, Preparatory Phase Analysis (PPA), Production Stage Analysis (PSA), objective analysis, methods of analysis

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