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Gospić in local newspapers (Ličke novine, Narodno jedinstvo, Lički Hrvat and Lički glas) in the Kingdom of SCS / Yugoslavia

Antonia Došen orcid id ; Muzej za umjetnost i obrt u Zagrebu

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In the 1920s, after a nine-year pause, printing of serial publications in Gospić was re-initiated with four various newspapers – Ličke novine (1920. — 1921.), Narodno jedinstvo (1920. — 1925.), Lički Hrvat (1922. — 1924.) and Lički glas were published at the local level in two time periods (1925. — 1926.; 1935.) with different editor boards and ideologies. Although clearly politically aligned they reveal Gospić everyday life in their weekly and half-month issues, along with the topics related to the whole Lika. By reading the mentioned periodicals and analyzing the content with an emphasis on the most common topics in them, such as political, economical, social, cultural, infrastructural and building circumstances life within the Lika's main centre is presented.
Thanks to so far inaccessible newspaper Narodno jedinstvo, for the first time, life in Gospić could be interpreted comprehensively and objectively. In this work it was necessary to include the Lika's newspaper which are printed in Zagreb (Lički Hrvat 1937. — 1938. and Lička sloga 1934. — 1941.) in order for their interpretation to fill the time gap when local newspapers were not published in Gospić.


Local newspapers, Gospić, Ličke novine, Narodno jedinstvo, Lički Hrvat, Lički glas

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