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Natalija Mihelčić orcid id ; Osnovna šola Stopiče

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This paper highlights the implementation of orienteering, part of which were also cross-curricular links between multiple school subjects. Organization of orienteering requires a lot of preparation, particularly demanding being its implementation in the field.
Implementation of interdisciplinary teaching combined with orienteering represents “fresh” contribution to the mode of teaching and learning at the same time, received with a lot of enthusiasm among the pupils. The represented cross-curricular integration
turned out to be more than adequate, providing the learning material linked to the majority of subjects, and the learning process brought one step further, additionally backed up by a “healthy” competition among the pupils. It offered a great combination of the use of different methods of working with pupils outdoor.
The activities took place in the vicinity of Elementary School Stopiče, in which attended 115 pupils from 6th to 9th grade. Environment of the primary school was very suitable for the performance of activities because of its rural landscape. Length, which the pupils had to pass, was about 5 kilometers and has led them through different terrain (forest, village, fields). The evaluation results on activity showed satisfaction, as well good handled tasks in a specific department. In doing so, they had some small problems, but overall the results
were good and filled out the purpose of the organization of activities and expecting knowledge.

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orienteering, field, interdisciplinarity, cross-curricular integration, orientation

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