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  • Publication date: 27.01.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 27.01.2016.

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Tracking gate algorithm for general nonlinear systems with target class information (page 1-6)

Hongwei Quan, Dongliang Peng, Junhua Li
Original scientific paper

Modifcication of selected high strength cast steels by a low amount of Titanium (page 7-12)

Igor Barényi
Original scientific paper

Investigations into tensile strength of banana fibre reinforced hybrid polymer matrix composites (page 13-18)

Gopalan Venkatachalam, Sarath C Renjith, Nilay Sudip Patel, Midhun Vasan, Raja Annamalai Arunjunai Rajan
Original scientific paper

Multi-objective optimization of parameters and location of passive vibration isolation system excited by clamped thin plate foundation (page 19-27)

Huang Wei, Jian Xu, Da-yong Zhu, Ying-lei Wu, Jian-wei Lu, Kun-lin Lu
Original scientific paper

Failure analysis of grey iron engine flywheel (page 35-39)

Ping Li, Xuezhou Peng, Li Su, Weigiang Ouyang, Jitai Niu
Original scientific paper

A novel sectional constitutive model for beam-column element (page 41-52)

Chen Yongsheng, Wu Bin, Pan Tianlin
Original scientific paper

Flow field interference characteristic of axial ring wing configuration (page 53-59)

Duo Qi, Feng Jinfu, Zhang Jiaqiang, Li Yongli
Original scientific paper

Mathematical optimization of variable valve timing for reducing fuel consumption of A SI engine (page 61-69)

Amir-Hasan Kakaee, Mehdi Keshavarz, Amin Paykani, Mohaamad Keshavarz
Original scientific paper

Doppler spectrum type contribution to BER in fiber optic communication channel (page 71-79)

Igor Vujović, Joško Šoda, Ivica Kuzmanić
Original scientific paper

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