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  • Publication date: 23.03.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.03.2018.

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Performance of low rise concealed truss composite shear walls with external columns (page 131-142)

Dan Zhang, Zhong Tao, Lei Zhang
Original scientific paper

Active disturbance rejection control for heavy cargo airdrop operations (page 143-154)

Shiwei Zhao, Xiuxia Sun, Ri Liu, Dong Wang
Original scientific paper

Sequential emitter identification method based on D-S evidence theory (page 155-165)

Xiaotao Guo, Xing Wang, Dongqing Zhou, Yubing Wang
Original scientific paper

Probabilistic optimization of fatigue maintenance for welded components in steel bridges based on LEFM and LCCM (page 166-174)

Yong Zeng, Hongmei Tan, Dahan Chen
Original scientific paper

Research on the grinding performance of high pressure sintering SiCp/Al matrix composites (page 175-181)

Zhiru Chen, Changyun Li, Lei Xu, Guofa Mi, Yukun Hu
Original scientific paper

Comparation of the analytical and experimental models of 304SS corrosion rate in 0.5 m H2SS4 with bee wax propolis extract (page 182-188)

Wahyono Suprapto, Rudy Soenoko, Femiana Gapsari
Original scientific paper

Improving ultra wideband (UWB) system by modified random combination of pulses (page 189-203)

Vikas Goyal, B.S. Dhaliwal
Original scientific paper

Design of hybrid power generation systems connected to utility grid and natural gas distribution network: a new contribution (page 204-214)

Said Mekhamer, Almoataz Abdelaziz, Mostafa Algabalawy
Original scientific paper

Simulation investigational method for intermittent production systems (page 215-225)

Péter Tamás
Original scientific paper

Safety management system of machine-building production (page 226-231)

Nikolay Chistokletov, Yaroslav Vavilin
Original scientific paper

New algorithm for distribution system reconstruction planning based on fuzzy inference and multicriteria decision making (page 232-241)

Mirza Šaric, Jasna Hivziefendić, Jasmin Kevrić
Original scientific paper

Falling weight impact test of a new-type flexible rock-shed (page 242-252)

Jianrong Yang, Yonghong Cheng, Zhiyu Zhang, Yunfei Luo
Original scientific paper

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