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  • Publication date: 18.12.2022.
  • Published on HRČAK: 27.03.2023.

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Single EX-CCCII based electronically tunable current mode instrumentation amplifier (page 1-16)

Priyanka Singh, Rajendra Kumar Nagaria
Original scientific paper

Size and efficiency based comparison of kinematically equivalent two-carrier planetary gear trains (page 17-31)

Željko Vrcan, Vladislav Ivanov, Angel Alexandrov, Madina Isametova
Original scientific paper

Wind energy potential estimation using neural network and SVR approaches (page 32-49)

Adekunlé Akim Salami, Pierre Akuété Agbessi, Seibou Boureima, Ayité S. Akoda Ajavon
Original scientific paper

The method of parametric decision trees in the analysis of automatic transmission (page 50-62)

Adam Deptuła
Original scientific paper

Numerical simulation of flow pattern at a divergent pier in a bend with different relative curvature radii using ansys fluent (page 63-85)

Kooshyar Lahsaei, Mohammad Vaghefi, Farid Sedighi, Chonoor Abdi Chooplou
Original scientific paper

Effect of normalization on ductility and corrosion resistance of API 5L-X65 PIPE (page 125-137)

Yurianto Yurianto, Aladin Eko Purkuncoro, Padang Yanuar, Taufiqur Rokhman
Original scientific paper

Pattern recognition and diagnosis of short and open circuit faults inverter in induction motor drive using neural networks (page 138-148)

Younes Tamissa, Fella Charif, Farid Kadri, Abderrazak Benchabane
Original scientific paper

An energy efficient coverage guaranteed greedy algorithm for wireless sensor networks lifetime enhancement (page 163-172)

Berhan Oumer Adame, Eyayaw Zewdu, Ayodeji Olalekan Salau
Original scientific paper

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