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Linking the paper with author's ORCID profile

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published in the journal The Art of Words : Journal of Literary, Theatre and Film Studies on the Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia - HRČAK

and I want to

ORCID logo link my paper with my ORCID profile which I already have


ORCID logo create an ORCID profile and link it with my paper


ORCID iD is a unique and persistent identifier of the researchers and contributors. The use of ORCID identifiers will increase author's visibility and interoperability between a wide range of information services. You can find more information about ORCID here:

Linking a paper with your ORCID profile means:

  • that your ORCID iD will be stored in HRČAK
  • that your ORCID iD will be shown, as a link to your ORCID profile, next to your name along with other metadata about the paper
  • that searches by your ORCID iD on HRČAK will find all your papers that are linked to your ORCID profile.


Users that have an ORCID profile and an electronic identity within AAI@EduHr identitiy federation can use that identity to sign-in to their ORCID profile by choosing the "Institutional account" tab on the ORCID sign-in page. The users need to select "AAI@EduHr Single Sign-On Service" from the list of organizations.