The Citescore journal ranks for 2020


Dear journal’s registered users,

Today, the Elsevier Citescore metrics for 2020 is published. It is correlative with, but not the same as, SJR value, and offer additional information following the concept „always use more than one research metric as the quantitative input“ ( . The „RGN zbornik“ journal continued to increase also this value and reached the following percentiles by categories: 57th, 56th, 56th, 51th and 47th (or simplified 4xQ2, 1xQ3). The values are available here - . Also currently having Citescore Tracker set on 2.0 (vs. Citescore 2.2 for entire 2020) we believe that the percentile ranks increasing will be continued in the 2021. Thanks for your support by papers, reviews and citations of relevant works. All these increase value of the journal content.

With regards,

Editor in Chief