For reviewers

Dear reviewers,

If you reached this page as professionals interested for reviewing in the "RGN zbornik" please register on the main page and mark the field "reviewer" (multiple fields can be marked). For reviewer account is important to fill affiliation and interests, which can be searched by editors.


If you are registered reviewer or just wish to know the rules for reviewing in this journals, please read the texts below:

Letter to reviewers (as part of resubmission)

is OBLIGATORY part of each subsequent author upload of improved manuscript. Such resubmission has to have 3 uploadedfiles - improved manuscript with (in different colours for each reviewer) and without track and changes visible. Letter to reviewers has strict form available et the end of the template and includes point-by-point replies on all reviewer's comments. The clean manuscript is uploaded as "article" and other 2 documents as "other" type of files.


Review guidelines

The review is done according to the review form instructions. Please, take into mind that 1st review round would last not more than 3 weeks (including response in the first 7 days after invitation). All subsequent rounds will last not more than 1 week. If reviewer need more time, the section editor needs to be contacted and asked for extension.

Author instructionc can be found here - .

Ethical codex of the journal and review guidelines can be found here - .


Competing interests

As reviewer, you confirm that you are not in any close researching relationships with author(s), i.e.:

(a) You are not currently on the same project;

(b) You are not in superordinate/subordinate relations,

(c) You are not in position to give or receive funds, directly or indirectly (via committees), from author(s).


REVIEWER’S FORM includes the following fields/questions/replies:

Instruction for peer review process can be found here:

Do you consider manuscript prepared according author guidelines (according

  •  Yes / No

Reviewer’s opinion:

Reviewer's proposal:

 Can be published in present form. / Minor revision - can be published after minor revision (additional review in not needed). / Moderate revision – after revision additional review is recommended. / Major revision – after revision additional review is strongly recommended. / Rejection – topic is not appropriate for this journal. Rejection - submission did not meet quality standards for the "RGN zbornik". 

If manuscript can be published, select paper category: 

Original scientific paper / Review scientific paper / Preliminary communication / Professional paper / Review professional paper 

NOTE for reviewer (confirm that you are aware):

1. Review is an internal matter. It ensures the quality of published papers and will not be published or discover out of editorial work. 2. The usual period for review is 21 days. If you need more time, please ask editor could it be so. 3. Review is blind, but you are free to contact corresponding author. 4. If you decided to do blind review, and work with DOC using “track and changes”, be aware to remove personal data. 5. If you need more space for giving your opinion than is available in review form, use DOC formatted as “letter to editor”.