The JCR for 2021 data has been published


Dear "Rud.-geol-naft. zb.” journal users,

Today is published new JCR with 2021 data. The “Rud.-geol-naft. zb.” does not have JIF, but holds the JCI and is ranked into 2 categories based on that variable. The JCI for 2021 is 0.42 (vs. 0.47 in 2020), and number citations received from other JCR’s journals is 353 (vs. 202 in 2020). Consequently, we are selected in Q3 (174/244 in Geosciences multidisciplinary; 19/31 in Mining & mineral processing). This is slight drop of ranks comparing with 2021 (158/239; 14/30), which happened although we significantly increased number of citations. One major reason could be inclusion of early access content in the JCR calculations ( ). Thank you for your support. Kind regards,

Editor in chief