The „„Rud.-geol.-naft. zb.“ journal will receive the JIF in 2023


Dear „Rud.-geol.-naft. zb.“ journal users,

The Clarivate recently announced the following news:

So, all the journals from the ESCI will be equal to those in the SCIEx, SCI… and will receive (in the 2023 JCR for the first time) the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) and subsequent classification into quartiles. That is huge step and boost for numerous journals from (but not only) the “small publishers“ (mostly scholarly journals). Based on our the “IF equivalent” value in the Scopus and the JCI in the WoS (in 2021 we were ranked as 19th of 31 journals), I predict the “Rud.-geol.-naft. zb.” will be selected, in the 2023 JCR, as Q3.

With regards,

Editor in chief