Welcome from the new editor-in-chief


Dear journal users,

It is a great honour to introduce myself as the next editor-in-chief of the „Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik“ journal. On behalf of the editorial team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the readership of „Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik“. Firstly, I would like to thank members of the Faculty Council for their confidence, everyone in the editorial board, especially section's editors, for support and former editor-in-chief for the trust to propose me as new editor-in-chief.

Currently, I work as Associate Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology, and Petroleum (Department of Mining Engineering and Geotechnics). In September 2019, I was elected to the editorial board and in September 2021 promoted to section editor for mining.  On 15th September 2022, I was elected as the new editor-in-chief. This is a new stage in my career and I approach my new role with both excitement and some anticipation, because it is both a great privilege and responsibility. Therefore, from now on it is my new scientific mission to promote our journal and to continue the positive trends, respecting long-standing tradition.

The first „Rud.-geol.-naft. zb.” was published way back in 1989, but in the past 8 years it has made an impressive trajectory. In that period, the number of issues as well as the SJR grew by 5 times, and the number of published works increased 4 times. What I would like to emphasize is the number of cited documents per year, which was less than 10 until 2015, today is greater than 200. Consequently, the number of citations per document has increased by 30 times in the last 8 years. Latest significant milestone was achieved recently, when the total number of citations in the WoS exceeded 1000.  Although this is an impressive statistic, what I consider the most valuable legacy of previous editors and editorial board, is sincere relationship, and friendly atmosphere.

For all of you interested in some journal challenges and scientometry in the last 8 years, I can suggest to read recent publication, i.e., case study of our journal, where had been showed the challenges that a journal must override to be indexed in Scopus and WoS, especially if Q1/Q2 are targeted. The paper can be accessed on the following link: https://www.mdpi.com/2304-6775/10/3/32

Lastly but not least, I would like to thank all our authors who submitted their high-quality papers and have chosen the “Rud.-geol.-naft. zb.” as the journal they would like to publish in. Peer review plays a vital role in academic publishing, giving authors of research papers a validation of their work and providing readers with reliable, high-quality content. Therefore, I would also like to thank all the reviewers who spared their time and thereby contributed to the quality of the published papers.

I close this message by inviting everyone to submit manuscripts examining topics from across the journal's scope for submission.

With kind regards,

Tomislav Korman, editor-in-chief