Resilience measurement of longwall machinery




coal, drum shearer, time to repair, performance function


This paper attempts to apply the resilience concept to the mining sector, especially to mining machinery and production systems. The quantitative analysis method using the linear recovery function has been applied. As the core part of the proposed method, it is assumed that in the mining machinery fleet, the performance function falls to a “zero” value immediately after the occurrence of a failure. Therefore, the resilience calculation process runs through the concept of time to repair and machine maintainability. As a case study for the proposed concept, the operation and failure data of the drum shearer machine in Parvadeh longwall mine in Iran is applied. The data pertains to a coal cutting operation in a whole longwall panel over the period of two years. In total, the calculations encompass over 2600 hours of actual operation and 171.8 hours of repair time, which reveals that the studied shearer has a resilience of 96.7 percent. Along with the case study results, it is confirmed by this paper that resilience as a developing concept could be adequately applied to coal mining systems as a support measure for production assurance and reliability.




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Hoseinie, S. H., Heydari, S., Ghodrati, B., & Kumar, U. (2020). Resilience measurement of longwall machinery. Rudarsko-geološko-Naftni Zbornik, 35(3).