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Transformers Magazine , Vol. 4 No. 2, 2017.

  • Publication date: 08.04.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 11.04.2017.

Table of contents

Full text

Editorial message (page 9-10)

Mladen Banović

Common oil expansion tank for transformers and tap-changers (page 20-25)

Rainer Frotscher
Original scientific paper

Europe, North America and China: The future and is Brexit at all relevant (page 38-43)

Steve Aubertin
Original scientific paper

On-line monitoring of HV substation equipment: Myths and truths (page 54-58)

Brian Sparling
Original scientific paper

Electrical interferences in SFRA measurements (page 60-70)

Michael Raedler, Stephanie Uhrig, Juan L. Velasquez Contreras
Original scientific paper

Short-circuit withstand capability of power transformers - Part I (page 78-83)

Rene Smeets
Original scientific paper

Reliable, optimised power transformers with heat recovery for urban areas (page 84-90)

Paul Jarman, Kevin Hampton, Mark Lashbrooke, Georg Johannes Pukel
Original scientific paper

Moisture-equilibrium charts: Monitoring natural-ester green transformers (page 98-102)

Christophe Perrier, Tobias Stirl
Original scientific paper

Estimation of water content in oil-impregnated cellulose materials in transformers (page 110-115)

Anatoly Shkolnik
Original scientific paper

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