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  • Publication date: 30.06.2003.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.04.2024.

Table of contents

Full text

Fractals and formfinding - magic with real numbers (page 1-11)

Josip Dvornik, Damir Lazarević
Original scientific paper

Nonlinear modelling and adaptive fuzzy control of PEMFC (page 13-21)

Wei Dong, Guang-Yi Cao, Xin-Jian Zhu
Original scientific paper

Variational and numerical approach to a quasi-steady rolling problem (page 23-28)

T. A. Angelov
Original scientific paper

Application of numerical methods to simulate the unsteady flow of lean liquor solution through a porous medium made up of porous ore particles (page 29-39)

G. A. Sheikhzadeh, M. A. Mehrabian, S. H. Mansouri, A. Sarrafi
Original scientific paper

The transformation of internal waves penetrating permeable structures (page 41-46)

Chi-Min Liu, Chin-Hwa Kong, Chi-Kuo Lee
Original scientific paper

Evolutionary programming based economic dispatch with prohibited operating zones (page 47-54)

P. Somasundaram, K. Kuppusamy, R. P. Kumudini Devi
Original scientific paper

Nutrient recovery from piggery effluents (page 71-76)

Md Imtiaj Ali, Philip A. Schneider, Neale Hudson
Preliminary communication

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