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Metallurgy , Vol. 43 No. 2, 2004.

  • Publication date: 01.04.2004.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.10.2014.

Table of contents

Full text

Calorimetric Investigation of Liquid Ga-Me (Me = Sn, Zn) Alloys Using Oelsen Method (page 71-75)

D. Živković, D. Manasijević, Ž. Živković, Lj. Balanović
Original scientific paper

The Influence of Hydrogen in Solid Solutions of Spring Steel (page 77-82)

U. Rotnik, M. Marolt, G. Manojlović, L. Vehovar, S. Božić
Original scientific paper

Analysis of Interface at Explosive Welded Plates from Low-Carbon Steel and Titanium (page 83-86)

B. Kosec, L. Kosec, G. Čevnik, P. Fajfar, M. Gojić, I. Anžel
Original scientific paper

Analysis of the State of Stress and Strain of a Medium under Conditions of Inhomogeneous Plastic Flow (page 87-91)

V. V. Chygyryns’kyy, I. Mamuzić, G. V. Bergeman
Original scientific paper

The Use of Diatomaceous Earth in Preparation of SiAlON Powder (page 93-95)

G. Sučik, T. Kuffa, D. Hršak
Preliminary communication

Influence of Blasting on Mechanical Properties of Steel Sheet (page 101-105)

M. Buršák, I. Mamuzić, M. Mihalikova
Preliminary communication

Fractal Geometry and Impulse Dynamic Method Applied at Evaluation of Disturbance of Rocks (page 107-109)

A. Mockovčiaková, B. Pandula, B. M. Labaš, F. Krepelka
Preliminary communication

An Application of a High-Temperature and High-Pressure Reactor - Part II (page 111-114)

P. Rybár, H. Hamrák, M. Rybárová
Preliminary communication

Stability Calculation of Underground Chambers Formed by Salt Leaching (page 115-117)

J. Ďurove, M. Maras, P. Vavrek, J. Daňko
Preliminary communication

Control with Acoustic Method of Disintegration of Rocks by Rotary Drilling (page 119-121)

I. Lesso, J. Futo, J. Krepelka, B. Pandula, A. Mockovčiaková
Preliminary communication

Possibility of Successful Business Making of Welded Steel Tubes Rolling Mill in Marketing Conditions (page 123-128)

M. Kundak, J. Črnko, L. Lazić, M. Dazgić
Preliminary communication

Resistance to Atmospheric Corrosion of Low-Carbon Steel Grade WT St 37-2 (page 135-139)

M. Oruč, H. Babahmetović, D. Pihura
Professional paper

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