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  • Publication date: 21.02.2022.
  • Published on HRČAK: 17.12.2022.

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Investigation of cutting time and tool wear rate on EN-24 steel alloy by the drilling process (page 1-12)

Yogesh Kumar Jangid, Ashish Goyal, Manish Dadhich
Original scientific paper

Fire safety design of pressure vessels (page 13-25)

Károly Jármai, István Sebe, Gábor Szepesi
Original scientific paper

Effects of using pulverized termite mound (PTM) as partial replacement of fine aggregate on the durability properties and microstructure of concrete (page 26-36)

Christopher A. Fapohunda, Oluwatosin E. Oladipupo, Luke B. Ajayi
Original scientific paper

The effects of ultrasound and electrocoagulation on removal of manganese from wastewater (page 50-58)

Hana Posavcic, Drazen Vouk, Ivan Halkijevic
Original scientific paper

Modeling and optimization of process parameters for friction stir welding of dissimilar aerospace alloys AA2014 and AA7075 (page 59-78)

Raj Kumar, Vikas Upadhyay, Chaitanya Sharma
Original scientific paper

Sensitivity optimization method for 4th order CBQ structure LP filter (page 79-90)

Even Živić, Nino Stojković, Saša Sladić
Original scientific paper

Ultrasonic temporary softening and residual hardening (page 101-113)

Ali H. Alhilfi, Andrew Rusinko
Original scientific paper

Load frequency control scheme for a microgrid system with the application of hTLO-DE algorithm (page 133-146)

Indrajit Koley, Asim Datta, Goutam Kumar Panda
Original scientific paper

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