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Review of Croatian History, Vol.VII No.1 May 2012.

Original scientific paper

The Sarajevo Ceasefire – Realism or strategic error by the Croatian leadership?

Davor Marijan ; Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

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The topic of this work is the post-war controversy centred on the view that the Croatian political leadership made an error in January 1992 when, with mediation by the United Nations, it agreed to and signed a ceasefire with representatives of the Yugoslav People’s Army in Sarajevo. Those who hold this view are retired Croatian Army generals, who maintain that the war should have been continued during 1992, which would have achieved a military victory and the liberation of Croatia’s occupied and rebellious territories. Since these speculations are systematically promoted by influential media outlets, the author has attempted to respond to the extent allowed by historical scholarship.

Republic of Croatia; Yugoslav People’s Army; war; strategy; Sarajevo Ceasefire

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