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Economic and Ecohistory: Research Journal for Economic and Environmental History

ISSN 1845-5867 (Print)
UDK: 33 9 504.3
Contact: Društvo za hrvatsku ekonomsku povijest i ekohistoriju

Ivana Lučuća 3

10000 Zagreb

Republika Hrvatska
Publisher: Society for Croatian Economic and Environmental History
  Ivana Lučića 3, 10000 Zagreb
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Journal of Economic and environmental history was founded in 2005. when the first issue was published. Publishers are Association of the Croatian economic and environmental history (Zagreb) and the Publishing House "Meridijani" (Samobor). Co-publishers are the Section for Economic history of the Croatian National Committee of Historical Sciences and International Research Project "Triplex Confinium - Croatia multiple borderlands in the Euro-Mediterranean context," the Institute for Croatian History of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb (Head: prof. Dr. Roksandić Drago). Editors are Drago Roksandicc and Hrvoje Petric. Members of the editorial board: Dragutin Feletar, Zeljko Holjevac, Dubravka Mlinaric, Nenad Moačanin, Drago Roksandić, Mirela Slukan Altić Ivica Šute.President of the International Editorial Council: Drago Roksandić.

Year of publication of the first issue: 2005

frequency (annually): 1

Scientific areas: Social sciences; Economy; Sociology; Social geography and demography; Humanities; History;

Rights: Free of charge.


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