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Prolegomena: časopis za filozofiju, Vol.10 No.1 Svibanj 2011.

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Between Non-Cognitivism and Realism in Ethics: A Three-Fold Model

Olga Ramírez Calle ; University of Saint Louis, Campus Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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The aim of the paper is to propose an alternative model to realist and non-cognitive explanations of the rule-guided use of thick ethical concepts and to examine the implications that may be drawn from this and similar cases for our general understanding of rule-following and the relation between criteria of application, truth and correctness. It addresses McDowell’s non-cognitivism critique and challenges his defence of the entanglement thesis for thick ethical concepts. Contrary to non-cognitivists, however, I propose to view the relation between the two terms of the entanglement as resulting from the satisfaction of a previously applied moral function. This is what I call a “Three-Fold Model”.

Ključne riječi
Disentanglement; ethics; McDowell; rule-following; three-fold model


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