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Opuscula Archaeologica Radovi Arheološkog zavoda, Vol.30 No.1 Travanj 2008.

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Study of the Neolithic and Eneolithic as reflected in articles published over the 50 years of the journal Opuscula archaeologica

Tihomila Težak-Gregl ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

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This article presents an overview of works published
during the fifty years of publication of the journal
Opuscula archaeologica (1956–2006), in which the
content is tied to research and study of the Neolithic
and Eneolithic periods in the territory of Croatia, generally
its northern inland zone. The achievements of
Croatian prehistoric archaeology are viewed through
the prism of these published articles and an evaluation
of them, as well as the role of the journal in these

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Opuscula archaeologica; Neolithic; Eneolithic; synthesis; chronology; archaeological research; sites; cultures


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