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Collegium antropologicum, Vol.32 No.2 Srpanj 2008.

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Teeth Eruption in Children with Normal Occlusion and Malocclusion

Mario Legović
Asja Legović
Martina Šlaj
Senka Meštrović
Marina Lapter-Varga
Mladen Šlaj

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Legović, M., Legović, A., Šlaj, M., Meštrović, S., Lapter-Varga, M., Šlaj, M. (2008). Teeth Eruption in Children with Normal Occlusion and Malocclusion. Collegium antropologicum, 32(2), 519-522. Preuzeto s

The aim of this study was to assess the differences in eruption of permanent teeth (C, P1, P2 andM2) in a group of children
with and without malocclusion. A sample of 1758 children (921 boys and 837 girls), aged 8–13 was randomly selected.
The subjects were grouped by chronological age (11 groups) and by presence of malocclusion. Statistically significant
differences were found for both, upper and lower canines in the age group 11 (p<0.01). Statistically significant
difference was found in the age group 8.5 for upper first (p<0.05), upper second premolars (p<0.01) in the age group 10,
and the lower second premolars in the age group 11 (p<0.05). Premature loss of deciduous teeth caused early eruption of
succedaneus permanent teeth, possibly leading to development of a malocclusion.

Ključne riječi
teeth eruption; normal occlusion; malocclusion

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