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Narodna umjetnost: hrvatski časopis za etnologiju i folkloristiku, Vol.38 No.1 Lipanj 2001.

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Liljana Marks ; Intitute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb, Croatia

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There are relatively numerous examples of oral tradition in B.A.
Krčelić's Annuae. They spring from historical events — which are
their context — from actual events of the time, often witnessed by
Krčelić, and an autobiographic discourse is evident in them. By
genre, these are jocular stories, and legends: mythic (about the
appearance of the dead, about the devil, vampires, about a flying
army); historical (about buried treasure); religious legends (about the
miraculous saving of the painting of Our Lady of the Stone Gates); as
well as rumours and actual experiences. These texts were rarely found
in studies of Croatian oral and written literature, because they were
written in Latin and were only translated into Croatian in 1952.
The texts are analysed in the context of the historical events
they refer to and from the aspect of contemporary study of oral
prose; compared with notations of recent thematically identical
notations of oral tradition from Croatia; and, their reception in
Croatian literature is considered.

Ključne riječi
oral tradition; everyday life; 18th century


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