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Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology, Vol.5 No.2

Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology,Vol.5 No.2   Publication Date: December 2011.
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Impressum and contents (str.2-3) Englishpdf 34 KB
Raman studies on amino acids profiles at the dentin-enamel-junction in human and ancient/recent animal teeth (str.4-14) Englishpdf 139 KB
Renata Chałas, J Nowak, A Kuczumow
Original scientific paper
Palaeodemographic and palaeopathological characteristics of individuals buried in three Bronze Age sites from southern Croatia (str.15-27) Englishpdf 2 MB
Mario Novak, Vlasta Vyrouba, Željka Bedić
Original scientific paper
Relics as paleopathological evidence from the past: tooth relics (str.28-35) Englishpdf 73 KB
Anja Petaros, Mislav Čavka, Ante Škrobonja
Review article
Gestation and the evolution of vertical stance bipedal humans (str.36-50) Englishpdf 188 KB
DS Robertson
Review article
IAPO membership (str.51-51) Englishpdf 74 KB
Forthcoming events (str.52-52) Englishpdf 19 KB
Instructions for the authors (str.53-53) Englishpdf 25 KB
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