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Mass Media and Terrorism

Anita Perešin

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The new paradigm of terrorism is partly a consequence of a sudden development of information technology, which is particularly manifested in the fact that terrorist organisations have recognized the importance mass media has on the accomplishment of their aims. Between media and terrorism there exists a very interactive (symbiotic) relationship, because media industry trends and patterns for media contents production head towards preference of sensation–seeking contents, whereas terrorist organisations can, due to their actions, ensure themselves maximum presence in the media. In so doing, terrorist organizations are constantly trying to manipulate and exploit free media for their own purpose. We might say that it is the mass media itself that provide global reach to terrorism, it influences the way the public perceives terrorism and dangers that arise from it, it influences political decisions used to respond to terrorism, but also the relations formed through national and international politics.
However, media does not have to become an instrument of terrorism. Through a thoughtful approach media can, in western liberal countries, turn into a kind of weapon which can then be used as an important device in defeating terrorists, and the positive benefits certainly exceed unfavourable consequences caused by possible irresponsible actions by a part of journalists or media companies.

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mass media; terrorism; counterterrorist strategies

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