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Bašćinski glasi : Ethnomusicological yearbook of Southern Croatia

Journal included in HRČAK

Status in HRČAK: active
ISSN 1330-1128 (Print)
ISSN 2584-4059 (Online)
UDK: 78+39(497.58)
Contact: Fausta Vrančića 19, Split
Publisher: Arts academy University of Split
  Zagrebačka 3
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The ethnomusicological yearbook of Southern Croatia Bašćinski glasi publishes scientific papers in musicology, ethnomusicology and music theory that are related to the South Croatia at any historical period.
Each issue has a particular theme or it is dedicated to a specific person with which it binds part of the structure which is dedicated part of articles.

Peer review: editorial peer review, double, all papers, double blind review

First year of publication: 1991

Frequency (annually): 1

Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: History of Art; Art Sciences; Ethnology and Anthropology;

Date added to HRČAK: 26 April 2017

Rights: Users can not use the materials for commercial purposes. Users can not alter, transform or build upon the material.


  Vol. 14   No. 1
  Vol. 13   No. 1
  Vol. 12   No. 1
  Vol. 11   No. 1
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