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High-shear vs. Fluid-bed Granulation Process of Dolomite: Process Modeling (str. 1-8)

K. Žižek, M. Hraste, Z. Gomzi
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Fluid Flow Modeling of a Gas-induced Pulsating Flow Bubble Column (str. 27-36)

X. Jia, Q. Yuan, J. Wen, W. Feng
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Numerical Simulation of Solid-liquid Flow in Hydrocyclone (str. 37-41)

J. Zhang, X.-Y. You, Z.-G. Niu
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Scale-up of Aerobic Stirred Bioreactors Using the Mixing Time Criteria 1. Simulated Broths (str. 43-54)

D. Caşcaval, A.-I. Galaction, S. Cămăruț
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Adsorption of Imidacloprid on Powdered Activated Carbon and Magnetic Activated Carbon (str. 55-63)

M. Zahoor, M. Mahramanlioglu
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Localization and Disruption Kinetics of L-Asparaginase from E. caratovora Cells by High Power Ultrasound (str. 65-73)

S. D. Saptarshi, S. S. Lele
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Immobilization of Nuclease p1 on ChitosanMicro-spheres (str. 83-88)

L. E. Shi, Z. X. Tang, Y. Yi, J. S. Chen, W. Y. Xiong, G. Q. Ying
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Optimal Operating Strategies of a Submerged Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment (str. 89-103)

P. Buzatu, V. Lavric
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Adsorption of Cu,Cd, Zn and Pb Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Electric Arc FurnaceSlag and the Effects of pH and Grain Size (str. 105-114)

X. Chen, W. H. Hou, G. L. Song, Q. H. Wang
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Optimization of Tertiary Alkaloids Separation from Corydalis yanhusuo by Macroporous Resins (str. 115-124)

H. Guo, Y. Luo, J. Qian, X. Shang
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Immobilization of Yeast on Polymeric Supports (str. 135-144)

I. Stolarzewicz, E. Białecka-Florjańczyk, E. Majewska, J. Krzyczkowska
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