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Comparison Between Ancient and Contemporary Conception of Good Orator

Gabrijela Kišiček orcid id ; Odsjek za fonetiku Filozofskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 115-132

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Ancient rhetoricians like Cicero, Quintilian and Aristotel in their work paid a lot of attention to the characteristics of good orators. In their opinion good orator does not imply only good speaking skills but also morality and goodness of the heart. Only good person can be good orator said Quintilian, Cicero emphasized importance of good education and knowledge and Aristotel wrote about honor, good reputation and good will. Despite Aristotel`s words contemporary authors of public speaking manuals and rhetoric handbooks, pay less attention to the speaker character. Although they talk about some personal, social and cultural benefits they are more interested in structuring and delivering of the speech. In this paper we are giving review of ancient conception of good orator and compare it with contemporary authors. On the students of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and students of Catholic Faculty of Theology University of Zagreb we examine how much attention and value do they give to the characteristics provided by ancient authors. The goal was to determine what the conception of a good orator is these days, are the honor and honesty highly appreciated in ancient times, lost their value in contemporary times.

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Ancient rhetoricians, contemporary rhetoricians, characteristics of good orators, speaking skills

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