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Mountain Drag Estimation from the Operational Synoptic Network

Branka Ivančan-Picek ; Republički hidrometeorološki zavod, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Vlasta Tutiš ; Republički hidrometeorološki zavod, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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This paper presents the time series of the three-hourly average pressure drag vectors per unit volume for the Dinaric Alps computed separately from microbarographic and conventional pressure data. Regardless of magnitude, the pressure drag vectors seem to be aligned almost perpendicularly to the main mountain ridge. The
pressure drag maxima during SOP are always connected with the Bora periods and the magnitudes of the drag values indicate that during these events there is a major sink of atmospheric momentum over the Dinaric Alpine region.
The main aim of this paper is to provide a means of drag estimation for period in which no microbarographic data are available. lt investigates the correlation between the time series of pressure drag computed from microbarographic and synoptic pressure data. The results suggest the possibility of application of the linear regression
method in drag estimation for periods without microbarographic data.

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mountain drag, pressure drag vector, microbarographic data, synoptic network, correlation coefficients, ALPEX-SOP

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