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Correlation of Psychosis and Suicide Attempts with Meteorological Factors

Nada Pleško ; Republički hidrometeorološki zavod Hrvatske, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Vlasta Jasprica-Hrelec ; Stanica hitne medicinske pomoći, Zagreb
Ingrid Bošan-Kilibarda ; Stanica hitne medicinske pomoći, Zagreb
Berislav Banek ; Stanica hitne medicinske pomoći, Zagreb

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ln this study the authors have tried to find out if there is any correlation between weather caracteristics and acute psychoses and suicidal attempts (APSA). This research was based on SHMP data about the number of interventions in cases of APSA over a period of one year (VI/1988 - V/1989) in Zagreb and on the meteorological data registered at the Observatory Zagreb-Maksimir in the same
period as well as on weather charts prepared daily or collected in the
Hydrometeorological lnstitute of Croatia in Zagreb. A possible correlation with weather types and passages of cold fronts and especially with meteorological elements as: cloudiness, barometric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity, was studied. Linear correlation coefficients were calculated for daily values and for moving three-, five- and seven-day periods.
The results revealed that the number of psychoses and suicidal attempts increased from month to month during the period considered, especially in females of the 15-20, 21-30 and 31-40 age groups. The acute psychosis and suicidal attempt number does not significantly differ with respect to weather type. The daily frequency of these pathological reactions increases in all seasons typically a
day or two before and after a cold font passage, but differences are not significant. A significant correlation was obtained only with the duration of a high daily cloudiness amount. Suicidal attempts and psychoses increase significantly if the cloudy period lasts at least three days, but their significance is higher if the cloudy weather period is longer.

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suicidal attempts, acute psychoses, weather types, passages of cold fronts, duration and cloudiness amount

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