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Reconstruction of the Play FILIDE by Antun Sasin

Milovan Tatarin ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 79-128

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The dramatic opus of Antun Sasin includes Malahna komedija od pira and two pastorals – Filide and Flora. In the Croatian literary and historical studies it has already been noted that the pastoral Filide has been incorrectly transcribed. In the only critical edition of Filide, that by Budmani published in 1888, there is a prologue and three acts, and at the end there is a monologue by shepherd Dragić. The analysis of time and space relations aims to show that the current division into three acts is not valid, i.e. that the play has four acts. Furthermore, we also indicate the illogical distribution of replicas and the mixing of characters in the fi nal tableau of Filida, which leads us to believe that there was a fi fth act, in which the plot unfolds as introduced in the prologue.

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Antun Sasin, renaissance, pastoral drama

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