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A Survey of the Reasons for Dental Extraction in Adult Population in Greece

Nikolaos A. Chrysanthakopoulos ; Specijalizant iz maksilofacijalne i oralne kirurgije, Vojna bolnica u Ateni, Grčka

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Aim. The aim of this study was to estimate the reasons for tooth extraction and their correlations with aspects such as age and gender in adult population in Greece. Materials and Methods. The population sample consisted of 632 subjects, 340 males and 292 females, aged 18 to 76 who attended a private practice in Greece. The patients’ gender, age, number and type of extracted teeth and the reasons for tooth extraction were recorded for a period of three years. Results. One thousand six hundred and eighty eight permanent teeth were extracted for various reasons during the study period. The results showed that the main causes of extractions were periodontal disease (38.09%) and dental caries (36.01%). Periodontal disease was the main cause of extraction in patients over 50 years of age (47.18%), while dental caries was the main cause for extraction in patients up to 49 years of age (41.39%). Maxillary and mandibular central-lateral incisors and canines were the most frequently extracted teeth due to periodontal disease, while maxillary and mandibular 1st and 2nd molars, were the most frequently extracted teeth due to dental caries. Conclusions. Periodontal disease and dental caries are still the main reasons for tooth extraction regardless of the patients’ age.

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Tooth Extraction; Periodontal Disease; Dental Caries

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