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The positioning of the c-arm and the patient during the minimally invasive pain treatment

IVAN RADOŠ ; University Hospital Centre Osijek, Croatia, Depatment of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, J.Huttlera 4, 31 000 Osijek, Croatia

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Minimally invasive procedures in pain treatment are an important supplement to conservative pain treatments, to pharmacotherapy as well as to non-pharmacological procedures when these are insufficient as pain treatments. The level of success depends on a careful pick of patients, as well as on the skill and proficiency of the doctor performing the minimally invasive procedures.
Up to this point the results of many studies on minimally invasive
procedures in pain treatment have been opposed, with the epidural placement of the suringe being unsuccessful in 40% of the cases, even with an experienced anaesthesiologist performeng the procedure. Not using the flouroscope is certainly one of the reasons to such a high level of set-back. The fluoroscope,
which has become a standard part of many invasive procedures, is held responsible for the greater efficiency and fewer complications during invasive procedures, all resulting in the increase of minimally invasive pain treatment procedures over all.

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c-arm, invasive pain management, patient positioning

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