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Bilateral Mandibular Supernumerary Teeth Associated with Gemination: a Case report

Carlos M Aguiar ; Državno sveučilište Pernambuco, Brazil
Erika Medeiros ; Državno sveučilište Pernambuco, Brazil
Nathalia Nascimento ; Državno sveučilište Pernambuco, Brazil
Romulo Valente ; Državno sveučilište Pernambuco, Brazil

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Multiple hyperodontia rarely occurs without being associated with complex syndromes or gemination. The prophylactic surgical removal of the supernumerary teeth is generally the treatment of choice. The aim of this case report was to present an isolated nonsyndromic occurrence of multiple supernumerary teeth, one of which had a root canal anatomy of gemination, representing a rare phenomenon. However, since the ectopic teeth were associated with discomfort, pain and swelling, surgical treatment was necessary. The chosen treatment was surgery, with the extraction of the three supernumerary teeth and no evidence of any postoperative complications. No recurrences occurred in one year of follow-up.

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Tooth, Supernumerary; Tooth Eruption; Odontogenesis

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