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Vedranka Bobić

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Increasing realizations on irreversible and long-term impacts of pollution on impairing soil and sediments quality and potable water reserves has had an increasing impact on research and policy of environmental management over the past twenty years. The introduction of anthropogenic, harmful and noxious chemical compounds into soil has had a serious impact on various areas of human activities, from agriculture, potable water supply, urban planning, to resource management.
Soil is an equally endangered ecosystem as air and water, which is why some developed countries have already twenty years ago passed laws on the preservation of the quality of soil, and hence also of underground waters. Pollution causes of soil and underground waters are: improperly buried waste, bad solutions for wastewater flows, improper use of chemicals in agriculture, accidental spills caused by neglect, overuse of underground waters, disposal of sanitary waste into the ground, disposal of industrial waste sludge, leakage from industrial wastewater basins, leakage from fuel reservoirs in storage areas, etc.
Hydrocarbons are a frequent cause of environmental pollution, which is why the oil and petrochemical industries have a great responsibility for resolving environmental protection problems. The industry of developed countries has already in the 60s started research in co-operation with scientific institutions for the purpose of resolving the issue of environmental pollution by oil hydrocarbons.
The aim of the paper is to present how biological processes as base for many useful technologies could be used as economically justified and efficacious procedure for soil and groundwater decontamination in case of hazardous pollution, particularly with petroleum hydrocarbons.

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nature restoration; salvage and rescue measures petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) bioremediation; fertility restoration of polluted soil by mikrobiological degradation of pollutant matter

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