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Election Results in Kotar Dubrovnik Between 1920 and 1929

Franko Mirošević

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In the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (1918-1929) in the Kotar of Dubrovnik eight elections were organised: for the Constituent Assembly in 1920, for the National Assembly in 1923, 1925 and 1927, in addition to the municipal elections in 1926, and district elections in 1927. All the mentioned elections were characterised by a growing polarity between the political option supporting centralism and monarchy on one side, and federalism on the other. The citizens of the Dubrovnik kotar tended to vote against the regime, unitary and centralising option at all the elections, especially in the period 1925-1927. Hrvatska republikanska (seljačka) stranka (from 1925 known as Hrvatska seljačka stranka – Croatian Peasant Party), for the first time put up its candidates at the Dubrovnik kotar parliamentary elections for the National Assembly in 1923. Its success at the elections came as a surprise, considering the party’s short activity in this administrative unit (it was established here in 1921 and 1922). The Croatian Peasant Party obtained 59.42% votes at these elections, and at the next parliamentary ones in 1925 as many as 67.91% votes. Factional divisions in 1925 resulted in the crumbling of the party membership and a drop in votes at the 1927 elections (50.42%). Despite these results, it remained the strongest party in this kotar. At the local elections, the Croatian Peasant Party won the best results at the municipal elections in 1926, as well at the district elections in 1927.

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