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The Effect of Gender Discrimination within Family of Origin on the Perception of Gender Inequality, Attitudes towards Gender Roles and the Tendency to Discriminate Based on Gender

Željka Kamenov ; Odsjek za psihologiju, Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Aleksandra Huić ; Odsjek za psihologiju, Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Ivana Jugović ; Centar za istraživanje i razvoj obrazovanja, Institut za drustvena istrazivanja u Zagrebu

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str. 195-215

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The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of early experience of gender discrimination on the perception of gender inequality and related behavior later in life. According to social learning theories, individuals who experienced unequal treatment in their family of origin should internalize traditional gender roles. On the other hand, based on cognitive theories, we would expect these persons, because of their strong negative experience of injustice, to become more sensitive to issues of gender inequality and to develop egalitarian attitudes towards gender roles. A national representative sample of 1363 participants reported on their experiences of gender discrimination within their family of origin, their perception of gender inequality in Croatian society, attitudes towards gender roles, hostile sexism, their tendency to discriminate based on gender, and their willingness to engage in affirmative actions aimed to reduce gender inequality in Croatian society. Results show that 50% of women and one third of men were exposed to some form of unequal treatment in their family, both by their mothers and fathers. Women who experienced gender discrimination perceive more gender inequality in Croatian society today than those who did not have this experience. Also, both men and women who experienced gender discrimination have more egalitarian attitudes toward gender roles and are more willing to engage in affirmative actions aimed to reduce gender inequality. However, there were no differences in hostile sexism and the tendency to discriminate based on gender. Findings confirm the hypothesis about the effect of early negative experience on greater awareness of gender issues. At the same time they show that even today there is a great influence of traditional gender norms in Croatian culture, which can be particularly seen in the participants’ tendency to discriminate others based on gender.

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gender discrimination; perception of gender inequality; attitudes towards gender roles; experience of gender discrimination

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