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Organizational learning and information-communication technologies– a promising link

Vlado Dimovski
Miha Škerlavaj

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Highly turbulent and competitive business environment has directed a focus of many researchers as well as practitioners on to the field of organizational learning as a way of gaining and sustaining competitive
advantage. One of the most important issues is its relation to information-communication technologies.
The purpose of this paper is to examine prior research and propose a model linking Organizational Learning construct (OL) to Information-communication technologies (ICT). Using structural equation
modeling methodology, we tested this relationship based on the data from 220 questionnaires received from top managers of 867 Slovenian companies with more than 100 employees in the year 2003. Our research demonstrates statistically significant positive correlation between OL and ICT.

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Organizational learning; information-communication technologies; Slovenian companies; structural equation modeling

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