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Management of Change in an Enterprise

Marčelo Dujanić

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Management has recently become increasingly focused on how to manage changes. This indicates a great shift in conceptualizing a corporation from a static entity to a dynamic organization subject to a constant change. In order to introduce changes in an enterprise and manage them effectively, the ‘Model 7 S’ can be implemented paying an equal attention to all seven elements. There is no element that is more important than the others. The first four ones, usually considered as the ‘difficult ones’ attract more attention. However, the remaining three that are considered to be the ‘easy’ ones, are more difficult to change. So far, the research has proved that successful companies pay equal attention both to ‘difficult’ and ‘easy’ elements. Although introducing changes in an enterprise is a necessity, it does not guarantee a future success. However, changes are necessary to refocus, reposition, rejuvenate and restructure business operations and development successfully. A company’s competitiveness and future success highly depend on its diversity and adaptability to future changes.

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Management; changes; organization; an enterprise; Model 7 S; competitiveness

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