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Ten-Year Study on the Correlation of Clinical and Patohistological Diagnosis of Dysplastic Nevi

Mirna Šitum
Željana Bolanča
Maja Kolić
Sandra Jerković Gulin
Dario Gulin

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The aim of the study was to analyze the clinical prevalence and pathohistological correlation of dysplastic nevi. In the
period between 2000 and 2009, in the Outpatient Clinic of Referral Centre for Melanoma of the Ministry of Health and
SocialWelfare of the Republic of Croatia, 12,344 patients were examined, and 35.07% of them were surgically removed in
the same institution. Among the patients, 69.16% had clinically diagnosed melanocytic tumor. Out of them, 28.39% were
dysplastic. Dysplastic nevus was pathohistologically diagnosed in 20.02% of pathohistologically diagnosed melanocytic
tumors. There was women predominace among patients with clinically diagnosed dysplastic nevi (65.22%). The most
frequent localization was the trunk in both sexes, women 78.18%, men 76.75%. The coincidence of clinical and pathohistological
diagnosis of dysplastic nevus was 30.70%. The results of this study, based on a large number of patients could
be a significant contribution in understanding characteristics of dysplastic nevus, its clinical and pathohistological complexity.
We hope that the data will contribute to the creation of general accepted protocols in the diagnostics of dysplastic

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dysplastic nevi; clinical and patohistological correlation

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