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Inhibitions in the motivational system of Vetranović’s Pelegrin

Pavao Pavličić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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str. 5-18

preuzimanja: 874



Vetranović’s poem shows the wanderings of the main hero through a mysterious forest which he doesn’t know, not to mention its topography or laws. The majority of the plot is drained in the variety of one basic motif: Piligrin does something that seems harmless to him (e.g. drinks water from a spring), and then later on it is discovered that he shouldn’t have done it, so he is punished by getting owl eyes, bear’s teeth and a hunch on his back. He, therefore, is not warned of the prohibitions in advance, but these appear only later on, and besides this, they are void only to him, and not to other beings which move through the forest. The article attempts to answer the question on why the motivational system is set up as such; it is established that it is a symbolic display of man’s place in the world, where life is influenced by unknown forces and that there is constant guilt, whereas the wish for cognition is strongly punished.

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